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As a director I’m story driven. In every audiovisual piece I make I love to explore the dramatic core: a feeling, a phenomenon or an observation of the world we live in. This core is where everything else is drawn from, no matter how abstract or stylized the result will be.

I love cinema but also enjoy making commercials. I've directed TV-series, short films (fictions and documentaries), music videos and commercials. 
I've studied film directing at Aalto University and at Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

Awards & nominations: 

Elisa - Pidetään yhtä:
Voitto-kilpailu, online video kulta

Räjähdysherkkä - The Short Fuse: 
Kultainen Venla nominee 2023
Prix Jeunesse International finalist
European Competition of the Festival de la Fiction de La Rochelle 2023

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