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As a director I’m story driven. In every audiovisual piece I make I love to explore the dramatic core: a feeling, a phenomenon or an observation of the world we live in. This core is where everything else is drawn from, no matter how abstract or stylized the result will be.

I've directed TV-series, short films (fictions and documentaries), music videos and commercials. 
I've studied film directing at Aalto University and at Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

I love cinema but also enjoy making commercials. Here are some of my favorites, these are made by other people but all of these have made my day:

Kenzo World

The playful choreography, the energy & the tone ♥

Never say no to Panda
Irresistible, literally.

Swan Lake - Royal Danish Ballet
Clever editing, delicious sound design & documentary imagery communicate the mood of the play.

Canal+ Pingis

Charming characters & style, recognizable situation with a delicious and absurd twist.

Fazer - Tärkeintä on rakkaus
Touching script with bold & atmospheric implementation.

The Royal Danish Ballet - a Stage is Just a State of Mind

Rough and delicate joyfulness & pleasant soundscape.

Siwa - Kauppareissu


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